Learn more about the NEXVIAZYME treatment experience for late-onset Pompe disease.

How to take NEXVIAZYME

NEXVIAZYME is given every 2 weeks by intravenous (IV) infusion. The recommended dosage is either 20 mg or 40 mg for each kilogram of body weight—your healthcare provider will calculate the appropriate dosage for you. The infusion usually takes 4-5 hours for those receiving 20 mg/kg and approximately 5-7 hours for those receiving 40 mg/kg. There could be additional time if you need any pretreatment. Also, infusion times may vary based on your response to therapy and comfort.

You’ll most likely want to bring a book, work, and/or electronic devices to make the most of your time. Your healthcare provider can give you more details about what to expect during and after your infusion and how to prepare.

NEXVIAZYME and muscle cell absorption

When you have late-onset Pompe disease, the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme that breaks down glycogen in your muscle cells, so the glycogen builds up and causes muscle damage.

NEXVIAZYME is an enzyme replacement therapy designed to bind to muscle cells with a high affinity (a strong attraction). After this happens, NEXVIAZYME enters the cells, so it can help break down glycogen.

Talking about Pompe

We created this digital guide to help you self-assess how you’re doing on your current management plan and help prepare for your next conversation with your healthcare provider.