For people with late-onset Pompe disease:

A new choice is here CH ICE IS HERE A NEW
Nexviazyme is now available N W AVAILABLE NEXVIAZYME IS
Here's what you need to know Y U NEED TO KNOW HERE'S WHAT

Good news. The first new enzyme replacement therapy for Pompe disease in 15 years is here.
Ask your healthcare provider if NEXVIAZYME may be the right choice for you.

The benefits of NEXVIAZYME

Can NEXVIAZYME improve your breathing and walking distance?

Explore what’s possible. Learn about the results people taking NEXVIAZYME achieved in a clinical study.


A new opportunity

Having choices can be empowering. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if NEXVIAZYME could be an option for your late-onset Pompe management.

Get the support
you need

When you live with Pompe, you need more than medicine. You may need other help like clear information, financial assistance, and someone caring and knowledgeable to talk about all the ways Pompe can impact your life. And if you’ve been missing regular check-ups because of Covid concerns, we can help you get back on track.

Stay informed

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CareConnectPSS® team about signing up.

Learn about NEXVIAZYME Co‑Pay Support Program

If you need financial help covering your out‑of‑pocket expenses for NEXVIAZYME, Sanofi Genzyme may be able to help. Learn more about this program and how to enroll.

If you’re newly

Your head is probably swirling with questions. We can help answer them. Click the button below to learn about Pompe, what makes it so rare, and what the road ahead may look like.

Talking about pompe

It’s always good to know how you’re doing on your current management plan. Our discussion guide can help you self-assess and prepare for your next conversation with your healthcare provider. This can be especially helpful if you’ve missed your regularly scheduled check-up due to Covid or concerns about Covid.

When you talk with your healthcare provider about changes you’ve noticed, goals and needs, you can ask if NEXVIAZYME can help you get where you want to be. Your healthcare provider can also help you understand what to expect with NEXVIAZYME.