Dosing and administration for NEXVIAZYME

Dosing and administration for NEXVIAZYME

The recommended dosage of NEXVIAZYME for patients weighing ≥30 kg is 20 mg/kg (of actual body weight) every 2 weeks, and for patients weighing <30 kg the recommended dosage is 40 mg/kg (of actual body weight) every 2 weeks.1 The initial recommended infusion rate is 1 mg/kg/hour. Gradually increase the infusion rate every 30 minutes if there are no signs of infusion-associated reactions (IARs).1

  • Prior to NEXVIAZYME administration, consider pretreating with antihistamines, antipyretics, and/or corticosteroids1
  • NEXVIAZYME must be reconstituted and diluted prior to use1

Dose modifications due to hypersensitivity reactions and/or IARs

In the event of a severe hypersensitivity reaction (including anaphylaxis) or a severe IAR, immediately discontinue NEXVIAZYME administration and initiate appropriate medical treatment.1

In the event of a mild-to-moderate hypersensitivity reaction or a moderate IAR, consider temporarily holding or slowing the infusion rate and initiating appropriate medical treatment.1 If symptoms:

  • Persist despite temporarily holding the infusion, wait at least 30 minutes for symptoms to resolve before deciding to stop the infusion for the day1
  • Subside, resume the infusion rate for 30 minutes at half the rate at which the reaction occurred, and subsequently increase the infusion rate by 50% for 15 to 30 minutes.1 If symptoms do not recur, increase the infusion rate to the rate at which the reaction occurred and consider continuing to increase the rate in a stepwise manner until the maximum rate is achieved1

Projected intravenous infusion volume for NEXVIAZYME administration according to patient’s weight1

Patient Weight Range vs Total Infusion Volume Table

See full Prescribing Information for administration instructions, including the recommended infusion rate schedule.